Google Confirmed Fred, Never Denied An Update, Won’t Use Machine Learning & More

Google Confirmed Fred, Never Denied An Update, Won’t Use Machine Learning & More – This week in search, I covered how Google confirmed the Fred update and cited quality several times as the issue. Google also said they never denied an update to the algorithm. Google said machine learning won’t take over the search algorithm,. Gary Illyes from Google called out a link seller. Google said they haven’t updated the clustering algorithm in a while. Google doesn’t use Facebook likes for rankings. Google’s search quality team doesn’t talk to the AdSense team. Google Rich Cards are now available worldwide. Google said chat boxes and store locator pop ups on mobile can be considered intrusive interstitials and be penalized. Google may add voice search filters to Google Search Console. Google asked do you want them to separate out profiles more in Search Console. Google is testing breadcrumbs on mobile above the titles. They are also testing “tags” in the snippets. Google local pack may not show city name for all queries. Google warned YouTube creators their ad revenues may fluctuate over the next few weeks. Google AdWords DSAs aded features. Google tracked over 4 billion in-store visits. Gary Illyes will be in Boston next week and is open to meeting up over lunch, dinner or coffee. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Fred Algorithm Confirmed & Cites Overall Quality Issues : Google: We’ve Never Denied An Algorithm Update That Happened : Google: Machine Learning Won’t Take Over The Google Algorithm : Google Publicly Calls Out Company For Selling Links : Google: Our Duplicate Detection & Clustering Is Stable : Google: Again, We Don’t Use Facebook Likes In Rankings : Google: Search Quality & AdSense Teams Don’t Talk, Ever : Google Rich Cards Now Available Globally : New: Google Rich Results For Podcasts : Some Chat Boxes Can Be Hit By The Google Intrusive Mobile Interstitials Penalty : Google: Some Store Locator Popups Are Intrusive Mobile Interstitials : Google Search Console Search Analytics Loses Some Image Search Data : Google May Add Voice Search Filters To Search Console Analytics : Google: Separate Out Data In Search Console For www/non-www/http/https? : Google Tests Breadcrumbs At Top Of Search Results Snippets : Google Search Snippets Showing "Tags" : Google Local 3 Pack Removes City Names For Local Results : Google Warns YouTube Creators: Ad Revenue May Fluctuate Over Next Few Weeks : Google AdWords Dynamic Search Ads Adds Page Feeds, Expanded Ads & More : Google AdWords Tracked 4 Billion Store Visits & Aims To Improve Accuracy : Meet Gary Illyes Of Google In Boston Next Week :

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