Google Update Underway, EU Fines, AdWords Features & Danny Sullivan Retires

Google Update Underway, EU Fines, AdWords Features & Danny Sullivan Retires – It was a busy week in the search industry. First update, there was a Google algorithm and search update over the weekend that Google won’t yet confirm. Google said there was no Fred update, at least the name of it. Google said if you want to prepare for the mobile first index, make sure your mobile site is available for crawl. Google launched a new Test My Site feature that measures visitor loss based on site speed. Google News launched their first big redesign in seven years. Google was fined $2.7 billion by the EU over their shopping search feature. Google also has to take down content based on requests from Canadian courts. Google said those spammy links pointing to your highly ranked competitor’s site isn’t helping them rank so well. Google may launch more featured snippets in other languages oon. Google tests a new search refinement by material and more. Google updated their structured data developer docs. Google said Googlers themselves submit 20-50 search results complaints per day. Google Posts not available for you yet, here is how to let Google know about it. Google AdWords launched version 12 of the AdWords Editor. Google AdWords is testing a button to autocreate ad headlines. Google is testing larger images on the hotel listings. Reddit users tells us what is the worst thing about SEO. Finally, Danny Sullivan announced he is done writing and covering search. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Algorithm Update Brewing? Maybe. : June 25th Google Search Algorithm Update Legit : Google Won’t Confirm The June 25th Update; It’s "Just Random Chatter" : Google: There Was No Fred Update From Our Point Of View : Google: Prepare For Mobile First Index By Looking For Noindex & Faulty Redirects : Google Test My Site Updated To Show Visitor Loss Metrics : Google News First Redesign In 7 Years; Massive Complaints : Huge: Google Fined $2.7 Billion By EU Over Anti-Competitive Search Results : Canadian Court Rules Google Search Results Can Be Scrubbed Globally With Legal Order : Google: Those Spammy Links Aren’t Benefiting Your Competitors : Hint: Google To Display More Featured Snippets; Maybe Expand In Other Languages? : Google Tests Detailed Search Refinements: By Material, Type, Brand & More : Google Updates Structured Data Developer Docs : Googlers Submit 20-50 Search Result Complaints Per Day : Not Seeing Google Posts In Your Google My Business Console? : Google AdWords Editor Version 12.0 Now Available : Google AdWords Tests Button To Auto Create Ad Headlines : Google Tests Large Images For Hotel Listings : The Worst Thing About SEO Is… : Danny Sullivan, The Father Of The Search Industry, To Step Away From Search :

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